Rocky Mountain Tours (ATV) with Jim and Sandi Adams gave us the best ride each day through the mountains; each better than the day before! We will definitely come again. You won't be disappointed. B.V., Bangor, WI 2016

Fun, Fantastic, Enjoyable, Challenging! I would suggest this to friends. Mike & Mary, LuVerne, IA 2016

I look forward to this week every year. The scenery is great & friends are even better. It was a great mixture of trails. Annie, West Salem, WI 2016

Jim and Sandi Adams are great tour guides. They have shown us some of the most scenic views of the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. The wildlife and different views of the mountain. The ATV Trails get you to places most people will never see and enjoy. All the trails were great, some a little harder than others but will worth it. We will be back. Randy McDaniel, West Salem, WI 2015

Being the first side-by-side we were welcomed by all the participants and the hosts.  Dave & Pat from Colorado 2014

Wonderful guides, Great Experience – Can’t wait until next year.  Darby McIntyre, LaCrescent, MN 2014

What a blast!! Jim and Sandi are top notch guides.  The scenery is unbelievable.  The dinners are amazing and the good times are plenty!  Kyle D from Dakota, MN 2014

The knowledge the Adams’ have of the area is awesome.  The rides are fantastic.  Jim and Sandi make you feel very at home.  3rd year in a row and will be back again and again.  Randy & Sandi McDaniel, West Salem, WI 2014

Best time of our year!!  Best friends – love to see everybody back!!  Annie from Wisconsin 2014

ATV riding in the Big Horns is a great experience!  The trails were great with lots of different routes.  The flowers and scenery were awesome!  All the people of the tour were lots of fun too! DS West Salem,WI 2014

Jim and Sandi operate an awesome tour in some of the most beautiful country in America. Todd Gustafson, Kearney,MO 2014

Great guided tour through beautiful country.  Guides gave great information about the area.  Looking forward to next year.  DH & LH, Bismarck, ND 2014

Jim and Sandi are the best tour guides you could hope for. We had an awesome time and enjoy all the extra little things they do for you. Kirby Steichen, Harvey, ND

Fantastic scenery – Fantastic people. ND Cowboy

The Bighorn Mountains is one the most scenic and pleasant places in the United States. The ATV tour is a wonderful way to really get to enjoy the mountain. The riding is great and you always make new friends. Thanks, Dave Skrove, West Salem, WI

Guides were the best! Trails were great! John – LaCrosse, WI

I’ve had great vacations in Europe & Mexico but nothing beats this tour. Between the tour and the people you meet, IT CANNOT BE BEAT! Annie – Wisconsin

The rides are for first time riders or ones that have rode a lot. Jim and Sandi will teach you to be safe and how to ride all different types of trails.   John Kittel    West Salem, WI   7/12

Jim and Sandi are awesome. Best guides ever. Patient with all us flat landers. Annie   Wisconsin   7/12

Great ATVing, Great Views, What a Mountain. Randy McDaniel  West Salem WI   7/12

Jim and Sandi are excellent tour guides. They incorporate the right mix of trails. I think people of all abilities will really enjoy the trails. Jim and Sandi are very helpful and patient in their guidance on the trails. I would suggest to anyone looking for an adventure and beautiful scenery to call Rocky Mountain ATV Tours.  Sandi McDaniel  WI  7/12

Jim and Sandi are great tour guides.  Rob Wetzel. 7/12

Jim and Sandi are great hosts for a wonderful week of riding in the beautiful Big Horn Mountains.  Todd Gustafson Kearney, Missouri  7/12

A lot of fun. Dwight  Iowa  7/12

I love your history lessons.   Darven D. Hartman  Bismarck, ND  7/12

This was my first year to ride and I really enjoyed the ride. You do a great job of showing us the beautiful country.  Lois, Bismarck, ND  7/12

Best Guides! Best Trails!  John  LaCrosse, WI


You can’t beat the views, you can’t beat the people, you won’t be disappointed.   Darrell   Goodrich,  ND  7/12

First time in the mountains. Very good time and very informational. I will be back again.  E. White  Beulah ND  7/12

Wonderful trip to the Big Horn Mountains. Jim and Sandi are great hosts. We love the beauty of the trails they took us on. Places we would never have seen. Dawn Kittel  West Salem, WI  7/12

Jim and Sandi were awesome tour guides.  If our finances allowed it, we’d be back next month!  Terry and Kathy – Coshocton, OH  2013

Great riding- Little bit of everything.  SS LaCrosse, WI  2013

This was our 2nd year in a row & it was as great as the 1st year.  Jim and Sandi are great hosts & took us on different trails than last year.  Randy & Sandi McDaniel West Salem, WI  2013


Awesome tour – from beginning to end.  Campfire was fun!  Annie -  WI 2013

Beautiful scenery – awesome trails – lots of fun.  Wisconsin 2013

Jim and Sandi were great guides.  Very exciting trails.  Defiantly will be doing this again! Darby McIntyre LaCrescent, MN  2013

Jim and Sandy make riding the Big Horn Mountains such a joy.  They know the area and show you so much on the rides.  They are the best guides we have ever had! Mitzi & Gram Pankratz  Wichita, KS 2013

Well organized, well diversified and very friendly and helpful.  Awesome!  G & J Bismarck, ND  2013

We ride a lot in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Riding the Big Horns is the big leagues! The tour is organized and run so that you feel safe and able to enjoy this environment. Douglas Brockhouse Sioux Falls, SD  2013

This was the most spectacular, challenging & friendliest ride we have ever been on & the least expensive – a lot of Bang for your Buck!  Fabulous food expertly prepared, very convenient parking for 4wheelers & pickups.  To be able to get professional photography of the ride was a HUGE bonus!  Many thanks to Dawn & Dave for doing this for us all.  Stevie Brockhouse South Dakota 2013.



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Come join us for a great and exciting ATV Tour in the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming!

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